Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Recent comicbooks

Blogging seems to have taken a step back, but I'm all in gear to blog again! Lots to catch up on, and stories to tell. But first, I picked up a few new comics in America on holiday. This week I have had a little bit of time to catch up with them all. I'm a fan of boom. Months ago Uncle Grandpa came out and I couldn't get hold of a single issue in the UK. I walk into the first comic book store in America and find ever single issue. So I decided to buy the first two. They are so fun, bright and light hearted. Plus mega crazy!
I picked up Adventure Time's Card Wars comic, which also came with a free card to us in the actual game! Plus it's all about Fionna and Cake! I love these characters. Getting a free game card was such an awesome extra!
I also picked up Bob's Burgers. Now I have already read this issue, but I loved this cover, so I just had to buy it again! I mean look at it! Super cute!
And I also picked up Power Up. I'm still unsure about this comic. It seems like it ticks all the boxes, but there is something about it I'm really not sure if I actually like it. Maybe I just need to try the second issue and make up my mind then.
What comic books are you reading? And any I should be checking out?

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