Monday, 5 October 2015

It's good to escape

I have been missing my woodland holiday I went on recently. It was so peaceful to go away with all my loved ones to a quiet week away. I packed my bags, grabbed my scarf, and picked up my camera.
All of us hidden away in the cutest cabin for the week. The weather was so autumn like, with a chill in the air, it rained a little, and the sun shinned and you could smell the autumn leaves. It's so good to escape for a little while.
Wandering through the trees with a coffee in my hand, just searching for the perfect places to take photos. The whole holiday was so relaxing, and just what I needed. We spend so much time running around, seeing people, working, going here and there, we never really have any time to relax. This is what my holiday was, a time to relax and become me again.

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