Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wandering around Lord Bath's home

While I was on holiday I got to visit Lord Bath's home again. I always fall in love with this place as soon as I walk through the giant doors.
I always feel the same wonderment that I felt as a child walking through those doors. Now I am older I just stare at the gorgeous treasures inside even more so now. Wishing some of these beautiful rooms could be mine. The wallpaper is so delicate, and the patterns are intricate and very special.
You walk through these giant rooms and just stare at all paintings on the walls. My Dad made a joke that because the building was so grand, the painting should come to life like in Harry Potter.
Inside the house they have a huge collection of cutlery and chinaware in cabinets and on tables. I wanted to take home some of the beautifully decorated teacups.
Wandering the rooms and hallways knowing that a family still live in this giant house is amazing. It's wonderful that we can visit and see it in all its glory.

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