Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Christmas in a cup

Autumn is still here, yet winter is close approaching. The Christmas drinks have appeared in the coffee shops and I have finally started my Christmas shopping. I'm doing a stocking for David again this year, and I'm having so much fun getting tiny presents for it.
I had my first redcup/eggnog of the season and it was delicious. Myself abs David sat in Starbucks for ages planning, working, listening to Christmas music and drinking our red cups. Perfect coffee date. Speaking off coffee dates we grabbed a McDonald's coffee one early morning. David needed coffee, but I mostly wanted the mega cute cups.
Then yesterday I bumped into my gorgeous friend Charis and her two cute little boys. We grabbed a Costa coffee, and I purchased a salted caramel cappuccino. There are so many yummy looking Christmas food and drinks which I will need to try! Plus, penguin cup!
I have been working quite a lot of over time this week, but coming up to Christmas that is a must! Christmas is in the air, and it's making me so happy. I have started listening to my albums and I'm all ready to start watching Christmas films.

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Dillon said...

Have you heard all the craziness involving the red cups?? Hope all of your artwork sells like hotcakes for the holidays!