Thursday, 7 January 2016

The year ahead

So it's a new year. So many people now start to talk about what the new year ahead will bring. It's a scary idea to think about this new year. I always feel a lot of pressure, what will I achieve? What should I be doing with this year? What will happen? Where will this year take me? It's good to have aims for the year ahead, of course it is.
I have two main hopes for the new year. These consist of being able to see my far away friends more. It's so hard to all organise time for us to all meet. But it's easy to jump on a train and spend time with them. I want I make sure this happens. Also this year I want to pursue my art a lot more. I have met some wonderful new people through my work, and I hope this shall continue. I am becoming more confident within my work and the local artist community. This is helping me grow my work and style.
Let's all enjoy January, even though it's so rainy! It's a new year! Lots to do, achieve, see and experience!

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Lizzie said...

Here's to a new year! Good luck committing to your art. I definitely want to do the same.