Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Recent toy purchases

As I write this it is extremely hot. Here I am talking on all my social media platforms about how Autumn/Fall is coming, bye bye summer, and now there is going to be a heatwave. Not really sure how I feel about this news. Ah screw it, I don't want the warm weather! As much as I love the warm summer evenings, I am defiantly an Autumn kinda gal. When the weather starts to get a little bit colder, fun drinks start appearing in our favourite coffee shops, its time to get out one of my many scarves, I can start buying Halloween goodies, walking by the seaside seems more fun during the colder months, and then of course you know that Christmas is on its way.

Recently I have gotten back into buying blind boxes. It's a very dangerous thing to start collecting again, but at the moment its for fun! Plus it's just a box here and there. When I was in Game on Monday I picked up a couple more. Now I have a few of the Harry Potter ones, which are all super cute! There was only one box left in the store, so I took the risk! I also picked up a Suicide Squad box. I wasn't really sure about getting one of these since I only really wanted Harley or maybe even Enchantress. However when I looked at the box it actually said these ones were from Game Stop in America. They had three exclusives that could, maybe, hopefully be in the box. I walked straight out the door and started ripping the box open. To my surprise, and I was really surprised, I find the exclusive Game Stop Harley Quinn looking back at me! Plus moments before that David had opened his box (he got one also) and he had an exclusive Joker! 

We both couldn't believe our luck! Blind boxes are always a risk. Blind bags give you a little bit more of an idea and you can feel the packet. With the boxes you are just guessing with the weight of them, and even then you don't really have a clue. One of the downsides is that they are quite a lot of money. I know they are Funko and they are very good quality, its just for a few pounds more you could buy a pop. I will do another post on the Harry Potter mini's because I have quite a few now! Other recently toy purchases have been some new pops for the collection including my main man, old-man-beardy-Luke and Captain Marvel. But who am I kidding, I have brought quite a lot recently.

Everyday I seem to go online and see more toy exclusives that my American friends seem to be finding. Honestly collecting toys in the UK really does suck. I have seen the Barnes and Noble Harry potter 3 pack creatures set on various websites in the UK, and the prices are stupid. But then again, its like anything! My friend Dillon sent me the new Ghostbusters figures from the US, and while I was at a con I saw them for a stupid amount when they clearly should not be so expensive. This will not put me off collecting toys though! My collection is still going strong. I have added a few more pops to the collection recently and can't wait for a new toy store to open in my town very soon! Now I shall go back to scrolling through the internet to all the exclusive toys I can't get in the UK at the moment. I just can't stay away, everything is just too pretty *heart eyes emoji*.


Sian / sianblogs said...

I didn't even realise that Luke Pop existed! It's so rad. I'd love to grow my collection of Pops, particularly by acquiring the Scott Pilgrim ones, but agree that they can be so, so expensive!

Syed said...

I can never seem to find any fun blind boxes here. I usually go to Forbidden Planet, but they rarely have a good selection - mostly Dunnies and then maybe one or two of the big names for whichever film franchise or whatever, but I do give in and end up with random duplicates usually (I have three Ryus from Street Fighter...three! I just pretend that they all come from a parallel reality though and are meeting each other in a reality slipstream where an ultimate Street Fighter tournament is happening).