Sunday, 15 February 2009

looking through boxes and boxes

lots and lots of cups of tea. tea in very old random cups. odd plates, and pretty patterns. i have always wanted to live back in the 60's and as soon as i walked through the tea room, i felt it.
also i went to the cattle market and found some wonderful items! the thing is with the cattle market, you kinda just have to look through lots and lots of random boxes full of different things, its all about the rummaging!!! :D i wanted to look for different objects to help me with my work, and i found some crackers. i found a small folder of a few birth certificates, and a couple of really old photos. i found an amazing telephone, which DOES WORK. i love it so much, and want it in my house forever! :) and other really odd bits and pieces.
as well as going to the cattle market. i went to an old bookshop that i had visited a couple of years ago. the smell is amazing. there is nothing better than the smell of piles and piles of old books. the books are stacked wall to wall, book to book. i found a few books about birds and other animals to help me with my uni work. i look forward to reading them!


Anonymous said...

That's a super cool telephone; I bet it's fun to use.

Mandy said...

ooo is that all the stuff you got at market? i wish i came with u i will have to go when i got money! xx

Anonymous said...

the cattle market sounds like my kind of place :)I love the telephone and the hickory dickory dock toy!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

and cute telephone :)

thanks for the comment, and yes, i am well...thanks for the concern ^_^

how are you..?

take care

<3 lise

Mandy said...

thank you for my comment sexy lady. glad you'll liked the pictures hehe xx

Jackie said...

Are those panda coasters?
I love em'!

Demi said...

thank you very much, honey :)
lovely photos!


lina said...

i want to go to the cattle market!!
these things are waay cool!
you scored big with that phone!
this post makes me happy. as you can probably tell with my excessive use of exclamation points:]

Anonymous said...

love the new music on here!!! i love coconut records! great post, btw. thanks for always posting the sweet comments on my blog!