Monday, 13 April 2009

a day in the shed

so a fun a odd weekend was had. meeting up with my dearest and most wonderful friend..and also meeting up with a very old one. fun times were had sitting in the sun on the grass, watching the world go by and talking about the fun times.
i had a lovely cute Easter filled with 2 chocolate eggs, my mum's wonderful chocolate Easter cake, and still listening to my twilight soundtrack on repeat while writing my essay..which i am glad to say is all complete. :)
i went to my grandparents house today to hang out and to visit them before i go back to uni tomorrow for the last time! eek. its weird thinking about that. anyway fun times were had with gdad hanging out in his cute shed, while nan brought us cups of tea. then having lunch on nan's old plates, i used to have as a child visiting nan and grandads house.i am kinda scared at the fact when i get back to Nottingham tomorrow i only have 5 weeks until all my work is due in!!! i need to start getting scared! and its even more scary thinking my uni life will be over so very soon.


LookingGlassGirl said...

It looks like you had an amazing and relaxing easter break. It's always nice to visit grandparents and rediscover memories of things they've had lying around for years. I've been there too with all the work. It comes so quick in the end and there's such a contrast when it's over that you end up wondering if you should be going to lectures or doing work still. However, now I really miss my time at uni and look back fondly on when I was a student, which I'm sure you will too.

lina said...

you will be done at uni already? & only two more weeks! wow!

i like your shoes:]

i'm excited for you to get the package!!

Sophia said...

mmm yummy cake!! :)
your spring break sounds fantastic! the sky pictures are so nice.

Jane said...

those are lovely photo's.
I am getting scared about the future too and I have 3 yrs to go until I finish college!

Kayleigh. said...

Loving the imagery Jennings! reminds of being at my grandmas on a lazy sunday. My grandads garage is rammed with loads of tools and crap from the pits :) well interesting to look through.

eeer...why don't you bring some of that cake to the studio!!?? it looks boodifull!

MATE! can't wait for saturday!!!!xxxx

sangeeta said...

i absolutely adore the turquoise sneakers !