Monday, 27 April 2009

party party..arty arty

eeeep...i am trying to be busy as a bee at the moment!!! and trying to get lots of work done for uni. ahhh i don't have much more time left at uni. during my busy few days i have had lots of fun. we had a roof top bar-b-q in our flat, it was amazing, and it was my idea!! hehe. we had yummy food, and a drink. very summer-like. with lots of fun summer music playing.yay happy birthday to me...again!!! i had a mini party and we all went out on saturday night to a really cool club. lots of fun music!studio fun fun fun fun fun.


lina said...

what a fun party!! roof top too! woo hoo!
what a cute poloroid:D
i like that periodic table mug. hehe.
& i love that last photo!!
cheers from lina!!

erin meagan said...

that necklace is gorgeous, and i think that the polaroid is so cute! i love the mug, ahaha:)

Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

Looked like heaps of fun. :) I love that periodic table mug. Those Dora party hats are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love your periodic table mug!
So cool!!!

Jackie said...

A periodic table coffee cup? Best thing ever.

Mandy said...

you so cute!!

Kayleigh. said...

yay! you bought a silver one!! it's about time, they're two cute not to buy.

i ordered my name necklace of tatty devine today! i'm very excited for it's arrival :D

beverley said...

that is an amazing mug and an even more amazing necklace!