Monday, 1 June 2009

is there love out there?

today was another eventful day. went and looked at art tonight, as it was one of my friends private view. wine in hand, rooms full of photographs, boiling hot room...yeah that's a private view. it just made me really excited for my show on Friday!! i cannot wait to see family, and hang out with friends.other than looking at photos, i watched the new moon trailer...eeek, it looks unbelievable!!!! aaaah i cannot wait! Kirsten and Robert look amazing! i also came across 'paper heart', which i read about AGES ago when it was going to the sun dance festival. i really want to see this movie, Charlyne Yi is wonderful! the movie is based around the fact that Charlyne does not believe in love. she starts a documentary. she travels around asking for peoples opinions on love. while on this journey she meets a guy called Michael. Michael Cera. she then starts to find out more about love, and what it truly means.


lina said...

wow wow WOW!! i didn't even know they came out with a trailer!! ohhh!! so exciting! i just watched it.

oh yes paper heart! i've heard about that a while ago too. i really want to see it! looks really good.

Jane said...

ooh I want to see that movie, she was in knocked up yes?

•¦Amy¦• said...

Saw the trailer recently! it's leaving me wanting more more more!

I haven't heard of Paper Heart but I love Michael Cera.
I'll have to add it to my list of movies to see.

hayleeey said...

Did you see them at the MTV awards!!!?!? *gah!*

Apparently, Michael and Charlyne are dating... or so i hear.. I cant for both films to come out!

Perfectly Placed Pauline said...

Yes I am well! :) it looks like you're going great. Summer is an awesome time.

I too have been looking forward to Paper Heart.

p.s I love the setup of your room below!

patricia said...

oh paper heart does sound fantastic, and not solely because Michael Cera is in it, though that does help!

lina said...

hope everything went swell last night!