Wednesday, 17 June 2009

hello mr spock

ah crazy crazy times! not long left in Nottingham, and i am going home, back to my little home town. my show is finally over, and we had to take down all the work. :( if you have not, and wanted to see my degree show website, with all of my fellow student's work, check out
while i have been doing random things all week, i have watched milk. i cried in the cinema when i first watched it. i love it so much. i have also been watching yes man and forgetting Sarah lovely friend Grainne came to stay with me, and we went out for tea with our lovely friend Kay. it was beautiful, we had the coolest cakes. at the moment i am packing up my room...and its very sad. i am scared about taking down my photos, pictures and memories :( i really don't want to leave my cute little flat.
today i got a lovely surprise!! i got post from the beautiful Lina! my lovely friend. lots of cute bits and bobs! :) she has got me into artist trading cards


lina said...

oh i am so glad you got it before you left! i was a little worried :I
i'm glad you are into artist trading cards now!! yay!
oh, wasn't milk fabulous? it really was. & i loved emile hirsch:] oh & james franco was pretty good in it too. & sean pen, haha it was all just really good.
have a safe trip home!

•¦Amy¦• said...

Mmm the cakes look good!
Haha and I'm a big Spock lover <3

Suzannah said...

cool pictures, i love the bright blue cupcake <3

Jane said...

i wanted to watch milk for a while hmm and it's scary that you have to leave :(

Kinsey said...

I love Spock! Live long and Prosper!
but recently I have been a fan of Zachary Quinto's Spock and his character Sylar off heros.

so you are into Artist trading cards! thats really cool I used to trade cards at school!

the cake looks too pretty to eat!
hope all is well!

LookingGlassGirl said...

That cupcake looks amazing! As do the cups and saucers actually. I know that feeling. Uni days seem to fly by, but hopefully you'll get a really fantastic job soon that'll make it all worthwhile. It's always nice to have a few weeks/months of relaxation at home anyway.

erin meagan said...

There are so many movies that I want to see! Those cakes are adorable and so cool looking! Artist trading cards? Cool!

Sophia said...

artist trading cards are such a funny idea!
i LOVED milk! what a great movie with a great message.

what address do i have, the one of your flat or your "home" away from your flat? i'm not sure which one my package will arrive at!

Jess. said...

Your tea cups are TO DIE FOR! I am so in love with them. And congratulations on finishing your final project!


lina said...

oh, i was going to say:
zooey is in yes man! i haven't seen it, but that would be the only reason i would see it i think...
hope you made it home good!

「 Thy Lady 」 said...

Awh you have such a lovely blog! I love your tea sets & Polaroids xo