Tuesday, 27 October 2009

the middle of the floor

all i seem to be doing at the moment is working, coming home, watching the office, doing a puzzle and reading. that's my life. granted, its not what i am used to doing, but its life at the moment. some would say boring, i would say, i am too tired to do much else. i am going on a course next week with some other of my work friends, we are going to learn about dressing the new mannequins we will be getting in our store soon. it all sounds rather fun. we get to go for a trip in one of my managers car.
i cannot wait until Christmas. as i am not going back to uni, i feel its all i have got to look forward to at the moment...well apart from certain movie releases, aka; New Moon, Paper Heart, Where the wild things are, An Education, Jennifer's body, Taking Woodstock, Cracks, Nowhere boy...and lots more. i still cannot get over the fact i did not see Away we go at the cinema... :(


Laura said...

oh, i want your adventureland poster! brilliant ;)
your room looks so cozy

erin meagan said...

I haven't done a puzzle in quite some time.

hayleeey said...

Oooh, where do you work? I look forward to Christmas all the time :) if you miss uni, want to do my work for me :D I cant wait for An Education to come out! I've been looking forward to An Education since I saw the trailer during 500 Days of Summer, aaaah, Peter Saarsgard's accent... :D:D:D:D and Peter himself, :D:D:D

Where do you get your film posters from? I havent seen a 'Adventureland' one anywhere, and am looking for a 500 Days one, but nothing so far :(

Miss Mariposa said...

ur ring is amazing!

suzannah said...

beautiful post as usual dear, and lovely pictures too. hope you are ok :) ♥

Kait said...

Nicola your comments always make me just feel brighter and loved : ) Thank you for that.

I always have a slight fear of mannequins because I read this book once where they were shells of people. It was creepy! Plus I have had the experience where out of the corner of my eye I thought it was a person and then it was just a plastic fake human!

I am looking foward to every holiday. Halloween, Christmas, I love them all! I must remember you are getting some Jones soda for Christmas because you have been the best!

I get what you mean in your last post about being happy but feeling like something is missing. It's killing me to feel the slightest bit incomplete : /

I squealed when the New Moon preview came on yesterday. I should be ashamed. But I'm not! : )

Anna said...

your photos are brilliant.
check out Alexi Murdoch, i missed out on seeing Away We Go as well but the soundtrack is amazing and his song All My Days is incredible. x

*jemima* said...

hello :)

I'm sorry I've not got back to your lovely comments, but I've been away from blogspot for a bit.

I sent you an email about the Cartoonist of the Year Award, about entering a cartoon thing, it sounded just like your thing :)

I've sent my entry off, but I don't think its very good. the face went all funny and it was late at night and i was too tired to try and fix it.

Poor you :( Life is a bit stuck in a rut just now. Sort of like Rose before she met the Doctor.


thigns will pick up. just hang in there.


claire eloise said...

ahh shoot i totally forgot to see away we go as well :[ x