Tuesday, 6 October 2009

"Dammit, he put my stapler in jello again!"

i stepped out of the door today and was greeted by the rain, dark clouds, wind, beautiful coloured orange leaves, and an amazing spider web covered in droplets of rain. went to do the weekly food shop with my dad which was a laugh, other highlights include getting a pint of milk with a hole in the bottle...fun times. for lunch, as it was rather cold outside i had hot soup with the most wonderful bread.so i am sitting at home, now waiting for my sister to get in from her trip to Barcelona. i have missed her alot, and its only been a few days. i miss going on adventures, and hanging out with new people. hopefully something will come up soon. the nights are drawing in, and its getting colder. i do like Autumn/Winter time. i always love sitting on the sofa with hot tea, watching old movies or TV programmes. i have to admit i did not watch true blood when it first came out, the first series is being aired over here at the moment, and i watched the first episode the other day, and really liked it. its rather odd, but i am still getting used to it. i really like Anna Paquin, i think she is amazing. i am also still completely in love with the office; an American workplace. ah i think its fab. i am in love with Jim and Pam. i love John Krasinski so much, and it breaks my heart i couldn't see Away we go at my cinema as they have stopped showing it...ah how i hate waiting for DVDs to come out. ah and also in the Autumn/Winter its time to wrap up and keep warm. i am truly in love with the gap ad with john in.


Nic said...

hey :)
I awarded you an award :)



lina said...

ooo! he's a cutie : )
that made me smile a little about the milk...haha i'm just thinking about our letters. we talk about the most random things!
ooo, true blood! i saw the whole second season & parts of the first. very addicting show!
thanks for the awards & for the nice things you said about me : ) i'm so happy to have a friend like you!

Gabbi said...

You just described one of my favorite things to do in the winter! I love staying in during the winter time... I'm like a bear. :) How great to be traveling through Barcelona right now! I've never been but it's on my 'must visit one day' list. Also I agree, I love 'The Office'! This week they're getting married right?!

Lemon said...

your first sentence described the late-fall world i woke up to, too. p.s. i love the office. ;)

Sher said...

aww, that's such a cute ad!

omg, true blood! I never thought it would be this addictive but I rushed through season 1 and now following season 2:) it's the best thing ever!

The Curious Cat said...

Lovely varied entry as usual - I completely agree with you on the curling up with hot tea front. True Blood -the first episode is on tonight. I'm going to hopefully watch it on 4OD catchup come Sunday all being well...very intrigued! xxx

Sara said...

I liked the British version of the office better!!

Anonymous said...

i love autumn! where i live there are lovely crisp leaves everywhere to kick around x

Ann Marie said...

what a pretty and lovely blog. i will be back!

Mandy said...

i got cashue nut i found in my car. i hate rainy days xx

Chloe T said...

Hello Nicola! Thank you so so much for your lovely comment, sorry about taking a while to get back to you haha. But seriously, thanks loads, I really appreciate it! :)
And thank you, yeah I'm seriously so psyched to go to Rome, I will definitely take a million photos, haha! :D

I seriously love your blog, it's so creative and I love your tic tacs picture on your main blog!
I agree, I do love winter but just hate that the days are gonna be getting so much shorter! And AH I love The Office, but only the UK version haha. :)
Lovely blog! :D

Jess. said...

Oh my gosh. True Blood is AMAZING. It only gets better and weirder in the second season, dear. And aren't the smiths great? I hope the weather improves for you!


Anonymous said...

I like the colors in your outfit! :D
The yellow with blue plaid looks fab! (to borrow a word from you)

Jane said...

i love the office! the jellied stuff is soo good XD