Saturday, 8 May 2010

i have post

after work, a hard day at work, while i was in the car, i turned to my mum and said, "did i get any post?" all week i have been asking that question. my mum said, YES! i eeked really loud in the car. i got a wonderful package, well a birthday package, from lina!! i jumped around in happiness! i got the coolest bits and pieces. i also wrote letters to a few celebrities and i got a signed photo back from James Buckley..aka jay from the inbetweeners.i cannot wait for doctor who tonight, vampire themed episode tonight. i think i am falling in love with matt smith..haha. hes pretty awesome. plus i think karen gillan is amazing. i am currently: writing letters, making up a package, sending postcards, waiting for doctor who, looking forward to art and doctor who chats tonight, listening to the fruit bats, and catching up with the tv i have missed. i want to exchange art, or do something like that, any ideas??


madeleine said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday package! I love getting mail :D and cheers for your signed photo! Lucky gal.

stay classy,

▲my• said...

Doctor Who!
It's pure torture hearing about this new season. Torture I say!

I need to send you something. I just have to find some time to get to the post office :)

lina said...

ohh i'm so glad you got it good. after i sent the chocolate, i thought, what am i doing sending something that is going to melt?! i hope it wasn't too bad. you're so cute in the last photo : )
& i've just started watching dr. who! i'm in the middle of the thrid episode of the new season. i love the guy who plays the dr.! hehe.

Anonymous said...


Kait said...


I am in love with your postcards. I did a post about them : ) Thank you for being such a caring friend. They really made me feel special. You are a wonderful person who deserves a lovely birthday. I hope it was just that.