Wednesday, 5 May 2010

its too late to change your mind

so today i went for a little car ride with my friend Mandy. but wished my dear friend Charlotte could have come as well. i got so ultra cool bits and pieces today. i hunted through boxes of records in charity shops, got served by a rather hot waiter in a cute cafe, had the best sandwich ever, got a text from a friend saying that they had seen me...but didn't come over and say hello..(very weird), brought a giant backpack for Glastonbury, brought a giant sock monkey, brought doctor who stickers, brought sweets from a amazing sweet shop, had a giant cup of tea, got a text saying we have a tent, and now getting confused by certain people.


Starr Crow said...

love the playing card that snuck into the first shot!

Jessica said...

Aww thanks!
I really love your blog too!
I like your arts and crafts! We think alike. n.n

erin meagan said...

cute cafe? even cuter waiter? YES. and having the best sandwich ever tops it all off, really.

mel said...

sounds like an amazing day:) i love those, and records! lovekly photos roo

▲my• said...

Sounds awesome! Doctor Who stickers, and sweet.
And a hot waiter. haha. :D

I finally got to see "The Waters Of Mars" special via netflix last night. I can't wait until this new season is available here in the US... I need to find s friend with BBC America that'll let me come over one a week for Doctor Who.