Saturday, 22 May 2010

smile like you wish you meant it..

you know how one bad thing can then turn into lots of bad things, or maybe just because you feel upset about something, you then feel as if everything else is kinda rubbish?? maybe this is all random rubbish i am talking about. when you have a stressed evening at work, miss your favourite programme in the world because are at work, friends cancel plans, and then you feel bad because you could have gone out with your other friends but let them down to go out with the first friends, and then when you get home you get messages asking to come out from other friends you feel bad because it too late now, and you wished you had just gone out with them in the first place....and then after all this you now have a giant headache from all the messing around. i am sorry how boring this post is...i needed to let it out. i think all i needed was a evening out with my friends to relax...instead i have done this post, and will go watch some amazing dvd to cheer me up. in other happy news, i got my Glastonbury ticket in the post yesterday, watched the last ever ashes to ashes--and thought it was the most amazing ending, eat birthday cake yesterday as it was dad's birthday, had a chat with one of my best friends tonight, got random drunken 'please come out texts and phone calls', changed into my colour pjs, looking forward to meeting up with a wonderful uni friend tomorrow, and plus looking forward to fotc on Tuesday evening. sorry about the angry rant....i am sorry.
*update, i have now watched doctor who, thanks to my sisters amazing catch up tv box in her room. i love Matt smith, i do. it was awesome, and kinda cheered me up.


The Gull said...

a catch up tv box does wonders haha
Are you going to meet FOTC afterwards? I did they are wonderful guys and i got them to sign my camera, Jemaine asked if it was for my "camera phone"

Lemon said...

oh, dear.
i most certainly know what you mean about things snow-balling into a rather rubbish-feeling day. that is how mine appears to be ending. not sure whether i'm sad or comforted to know there's another soul feeling like mine right now!! cheers.

Sarah said...

glad you're feeling better- cake always does the trick! xx

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh dear. i felt that very same feeling saturday. although the other way around. amazing day, but the evening ruined everything!
i hope you are enjoying your gig. had a wonderful talk with you too.
cannot WAIT or saturday!!!!!