Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ever since

so, i have been on a couple of adventures recently. one to London to see daleks and one to Bristol to see old friends. both were super fun. and really nice to just get away from normal life, and escape...which i did. not sure if i really like staying in hotels though, i love the adventure of it...just there is some reason, which i cant really put my finger on why it feels so odd for me. my London adventure was very fun filled, and a very geeky weekend away. we went to forbidden planet, brought comicbooks, American candy, saw Matt smith on a giant screen, watched late night tv, started planning a trip to America and other awesome bits and, next to Bristol. another weekend away and travelling on a train. games and a good companion is needed when going on a LONG train journey, and i had my good friend Charlotte, so that helped. we went to our friend Laura's house first, and stayed the night. i love Laura's house, as i have been there a few times, i always feel really at home and welcomed. so early next morning, we caught another train. when we got to Bristol we met the first of our dear friends. the weekend consisted of meals out, long catch up chats, boy chats, old times chats, Glastonbury chats, drinks, partying, dancing in a jazz bar, shopping, laughing, photo taking, and just fun times. it was really sad to leave everyone, and the journey home was horrible...bah, it was really bad. and then when i get in, i just find out that i missed Katy perry on the xfactor!---oh well, it doesn't really matter, as i am going to see her next year on her tour!!! eeek, i really cannot wait!
back to normal life now...well, i have a few days off which are gonna be nice, and then back to work, and then looking forward to Christmas.


Jessica said...

I love all the pictures you take. I love them.

Lily Leaf ♥ said...

wow! I would love to go on a adventure with you! this looks so fun, and I love the photos :)

▲my• said...


sounds like quite the adventure :)

naomuack said...

cute photos <3 i love all of them !!!:)

Anonymous said...

I love your glove!! :D

the tea drinking english rose said...

i had the best fun ever. it was lovely!
missing you already.
enjoy simon pegg doting saturday. and i'll wave from a distance!