Saturday, 30 October 2010

"..and how are you today?"

i am obsessed with Lego at the moment. love it! :)
last week i went to London with my friends..aka my 'fanboys' friends. we went to Simon pegg's book signing at forbidden planet...we queued in the freezing cold for hours. my feet were super cold. while we waited, Mr pegg went past the queue in his car, with his head out the window shouting hello to everyone, which was kinda nice. in the queue you had super nerds--a few of which were very clever indeed with ideas such as bringing a cricket bat for Mr pegg to sign...(awesome idea...why didn't i think of that!!). he was super nice, lots of random conversation was had, he asked if i wanted a jaffa cake, and that i had to eat it in front of him, he came up with a pub quiz name for our team---and other random things..some of which i cannot really talk about!--haha, awesome stuff. afterwards we went to a pub in London for a few drinks...awesome day indeed.
back to work now, new role at work...its more of a challenge, but that's always a really good thing. loving work at the moment, even though its a little stressful with some bits and pieces, i still love my job, which is good. on Monday i am helping put up the Xmas decorations!--a little bit early, but that's retail. i guess i will need to start with Christmas shopping...oh dear...i have no idea what to get head isn't in Xmas mood yet! :)


the tea drinking english rose said...

amazing!!!! i am so happy to hear it was amazing for you. you'll have to tell about the stories and suchlike when we meet for films!


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