Thursday, 30 December 2010

christmas 2010

on Christmas morning, i awoke to my phone ringing...i turn to answer it, and its my sister calling me from downstairs telling me to wake up...gone have the days when i used to wake my sister up on Christmas morning just so she could help me get mum and dad out of bed. Christmas was odd this year. i love Christmas so much...but i couldn't help getting that weird feeling, like something wasn't right...maybe its just the fact im a not a kid anymore...but i never thought i would feel like that..ever. my parents got me such awesome gifts, which made me smile so much. star wars Lego?!?!?!?!---how awesome, right? plus books and dvds to keep me entertained from them and my its new years eve tomorrow. what will the new year hold? it makes you think though, doesn't it? i am not really a new years eve kinda person...its always such a let down. i have been invited out, but to be honest, i think i am gonna stay in, drink fizzy lemonade, hang out with my grandparents, mum and dad, play some old board games and see the new year in. i kinda don't want this year to end..but at the same time i do---i want new adventures, but i don't wanna say goodbye to the old ones.

i hope 2011 is simply awesome for you.


Anonymous said...

I hope 2011 is awesome for you too and brings you all kinds of fun adventures!

lina said...

i feel the same way, about the new year. ahhh...i don't know. i just feel really weird about the whole thing. & i don't really know how to explain it. i'm usually not like this. haha.

i don't have anything to do on new years either! :/ no one has invited me anywhere. *sigh* lol i think i'm just feeling sorry for myself today. i'll mostlikely be at home watching the ball drop in new york on the tv with my parents.

you know what, we should totally like skype or video instant message eachother or something!! that would be totally awesome. i'm in if you are!

▲my• said...

happy 2011! (well not yet, but soon)

looks like your christmas was lovely!

i'm staying home new years. a quiet night with my family this year. should be rather nice actually. i'm quite tired. haha.

Jane said...

my brother has that lego snowman! haha he has soo much lego

and Greenberg is a good movie, maybe a bit dull but i can't stop thinking about it