Wednesday, 22 December 2010

greeting cards

hello. i feel lots better now. thank you for your well wishes. they made me smile. i am getting super excited about christmas now. its not that long away now! i have been getting in the xmas mood by singing awesome christmas songs, drinking eggnog, wrapping presents, watching people run around trying to buy christmas gifts..hehe, writing letters to far away friends, and of course watching christmas movies. jingle all the way, is my all time top favourite xmas film.
(just waking up, early in the morning...hehe)
felt rather christmasy last night, as we went to buy all our christmas food. it was super crazy!!!---people buying so much, the shelves were bare! i do think people are panic buying at the moment because of the really bad snow...i just hope there is enough to go round.
i cannot wait for christmas just because it will nice to spend some time with my family. i never hardly see my sister anymore as we both work, so i am looking forward to hanging out and being stupid on christmas again with her like the good old days.
i have been singing along to rachel from glee singing her versions of last christmas and merry christmas daring. love her. and i loved the christmas episode so much. glee images via---- rachelberrywmhs

not long until christmas!-----eeeeeeeee.

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