Monday, 25 April 2011


so its my 300th post...nothing really super amazing is gonna happen in this post, and i guess that makes me sad. i wanted to do something fantastic, but really couldn't think what to say or do. but i do wanna say that i love all my blogging friends, love you all.went back to work today, after my birthday week off. i felt really weird this morning. i felt ill, sick, and really worried. i have never felt like that before about going to kinda reminded me of how i used to feel about going to school sometimes when i was weird. but when i got to work, it was great. people at work said they missed me, so that was extra birthday presents. oh, and having the new doctor who episode chats with lots of different people at work.

in other news, i need to start writing and sending out my thank your cards.


▲my• said...

Happy 300!

So happy to have you as a bloggin friend :)

lina said...

nicola, your thank you notes are rad!!
i think i've never asked you this - which is shocking - but what camera do you use for your photos? they are always so neat!
yay for 300!! i wonder where i am in post numbers...i haven't looked in a while...
love you!

Allison said...

What kind of job do you have?

Sarah~Mechelle said...

Happy 300 down!

Love your thank you notes, they is cool.

Cap'n NikNak said...

hello! aaaaamazing 300! Happy 300th post :)
and belated happy birthday :D looks like you had lots of fun!!
I love the floral print bag :) Cant wait to sort out a swap, only 3 more days of essay hell -_-
(uh oh the 3 has just made me realise I dont have much time!) back to work then!
lots of love <3