Sunday, 10 April 2011

long time

so, i haven't blogged in a while, and i wish i could say that i have been having so many adventures that i really haven't had the time to blog....but sadly that's not the case. my life just feels like one long work day. however i have this weekend to look forward to. its my birthday in a couple of weeks and its my friend Charlotte's birthday this week, so we are having a joint party. so lots of party times ahead. i always seem to love other peoples birthdays, but hate my own...hmmm, anyone else feel like this?well in my spare time have been meeting up with my lovely friend Charlotte, going round her house for dinner, planning birthday bits and pieces, nearly using up the last couple of shots from my last polaroid film, getting colourful presents from my mum and dad, getting mail from far away friends, going to the cinema to see submarine (movie is good, but book is better), oh and playing around with my newwwwww camera. when i went into the shop, the cute--well hot camera guy helped me pick one out...he was lovely...he had awesome hair, and spoke really quietly...which was kinda cute.
currently always singing, all day and all night...."a loser like meeeeee".


yiqin; said...


Allison said...

I like the Polaroid of the tree. Very vintage-y. :-) Happy birthday!

▲my• said...

How cool! I love love love Polaroids :)

Cap'n NikNak said...

hey there nicola :)
Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog! Sadly I cannot listen to my favourite-favourite music as I cant work to music with words, but am listening to some classical stuff which is good/relaxing (sometimes, ha!)
Would you be up for doing a mail swap sometime in the summer?
Hope you are well!
What is your new camera like and what plans do you have for your birthday?!!!

shelbyisms said...

I definitely understand your "my life feels like one long work day." I am just about burnt out. Goodness.

I HAVE MAIL FOR YOU. I just need to send it!

lina said...

ooo it's my package :))!!
i always really really like my birthday lol. like a lot. i am such a kid that way. but the day before i am always like really depressed that i am going to be a whole year older. haha oh dear i'm silly.
i'm so excited for your birthday!! something is coming to you!