Thursday, 14 April 2011

oh take me back to the start

tidy..tidy. my friends are coming down tomorrow for mine and my awesome friend charlie's joint birthday party. i cannot wait for lots of fun. my room is tidy...well apart from my desk, because lets be honest, its never gonna be tidy.i found a note that i wrote someone a long time ago, which i never gave out..i told that person, then that person started to talk about old times...i hate the past. the past should just stay there...why does it need to come back.

bring on an awesome weekend full of fun and laughs...and such good friends.


▲my• said...

A joint birthday party? How Fun!

Happy Birthday again :) Hope it's wonderful!

yiqin; said...

the last photo is STUNNING.

Is This Real Life? said...

Love the last photo its beautiful!

lina said...

i challenge you!

oh & something should be coming to you soon...i orderd it online & am having it shipped directly to you!