Thursday, 16 June 2011


the weather keeps changing----its so annoying!!! i want it to be dry for Glastonbury next week, but it keeps getting dark and raining...and then the sun comes out. crazy stuff.i got some post today. i got a package from jane, and it had late birthday presents!! :) i got an amazing moose stamp, ink, and a super cute notebook! plus, the wrapping paper is super-duper cute.

also, me and lina are asking for any photo ideas for our blog here--and--there. hope you can help us out! :)

currently watching: Katy perry's video for last friday night (T.G.I.F) on repeat---(i love Darren's cameo), making packages to send to far away people, writing lists, re-watching that 70's show from the start, and packing.

also!!!---i am on holiday now! for 2 whole weeks!!!! i cannot believe it! :) i just need some chill out time. working a whole week full time with no days off this week had nearly killed me! yay for a lay in tomorrow, getting up late, and staying in my pjs for most of the day.


Bethany Heron said...

Love the stamp and notebook!! Enjoy your time off love! :) xxx

Natalie said...

I hate when the weather decides to be difficult and uncooperative... that was the case today, actually. One minute it was hot and sunny, then cold and rainy the next!

Hurrah for mail! That always manages to make my day a little better. :D AND SO DOES DARREN CRISS, OF COURSE. He is just too adorable.

Have fun on your two weeks off! Staying in PJs all day is definitely the way to go.

Sarah~Mechelle said...

Nothing beats a package in the mail box when you get home!

Have a great two weeks off. Pj definitely a must...

What about photos of your front doors... like a 'welcome' kind of photo? Anyhow, I'm sure you two will come up with something cool.

Lizzie said...

This post makes me even more happy to send you a package! :)

Enjoy your holiday. I hope it's relaxing/everything you imagine.

April said...

Fun presents!! :)

▲my• said...

That stamp is awesome.

Have fun at Glatsonbury!

lina said...

WOW!! such awesome things you got in the mail nicola! everything looks so cool.
& i am so happy for you with your two weeks vacation! woo hoo! many adventures ahead i see for you : )
& don't forget to post about them!

Jane said...

I'm glad you liked it!! xx