Wednesday, 8 June 2011


thank you very much for all your kind wishes. i am feeling alot better today, tea and hot ribena are helping. just this stupid cough...its so annoying. went out for lunch with my mum and sister, which was rather nice. and we also went shopping. normally we never have the same time off, so it was awesome to hang out. i got a very cute bird dress, along with a few other bits and pieces. plus, i got my sunglasses i have been waiting ages for...(damn me not being able to see, so the need for prescription sunglasses...haha).i am really looking forward to glastonbury...not long now. i just cannot wait to be on the hill listening to music with my best friends. just hope that weather will be, i really want an owl tattoo...i don't think i could get one done though. i change my mind to much to have a tattoo.


▲my• said...

Those are cute owl tattoos :)
But I totally understand not being able to get one. I want a tattoo quite bad, but I'm always changing my mind, and I have this horrible needle fear. Oh well.

Glad you're feeling better! :D

lina said...

ooooo! tattoos!! that's pretty exciting : )

Kait said...

I love that owl tattoo idea : ) My personal views on tattoos are just get it! You will never have another lifetime to get one so get it now. You can always get it lazered of one day if you end up hating it! I'm glad you are feeling better dear! The cough is always the last part of a cold to linger unfortunately. I stuff my pockets with cough drops at work so I don't cough a lung on a customer. Also love your purchases! I used to wear my eyeglass under my sunglasses if I didn't have my contacts in lol.

Bethany Heron said...

Hiya Nicola! Love those sunglasses!
Also so jel that you are going to glastonbury, i'm not doing any festivals this summer :')
You should deffo get an owl tattoo, that's such a lush idea, i want another tattoo, they get so addictive!
Also i started following you on twitter :) much love, Bethany xoxox

Anonymous said...


Glad to see that you're recovering from your cough. Chest colds can be nasty little buggers.

Digging the shades!

Haha, that's why I could never get a tattoo. I'm extremely indecisive.

April said...

Those are really cute tattoos. I'm waiting until I graduate college to get mine, that way my parents can't say anything! :P

Natalie said...

Argh, I hope you feel better! I find that coughs are even worse than sore throats, because they are just incredibly annoying. I think if I got a tattoo I would have to get something that I absolutely knew I would never ever get sick of.

Lizzie said...

Hi, Nicola! I've come across your blog many times and I think I'm insane not to be a follower. You exude awesomeness! Seriously.

Needless to say, I'm super excited to be your blogger swap partner.

I see along your side panel a picture of Demetri Martin and it makes me want to ask: have you read his book, This Is A Book? I bought it as a gift for my brother and he went into fits of uncontrollable laughter while reading it so I can only assume it's good. Demetri Martin is mighty hilarious. :D

Anonymous said...

Those owl tattoos are so sweet!
I say go for it even if it is just a little one.
Although I can't say much as I know I would be such a wimp if I ever go a tattoo!