Friday, 27 January 2012

crazy stuff

Ok, i don't really know how to start this post...other than, Lina came to stay. And i had the best two weeks of my life. i had to much fun, and Lina is simply wonderful. we did so many things...i am sure Lina will sum it all up alot better than i will. we went to so many places, she met many of my friends, eat such amazing food, watched movies together, shopped together, drank millions of cups of tea together, she met my family, we went to Paris, and just talked. in other news, we had our giant skype session last night, or this morning for me, for the SEATTLE DREAM OF DREAMS AND Maggie as called it. it was insane. i can't believe its actually gonna happen this year. mega-ultra excited, and talking to everyone last night just made me even more excited if that possible. the only problem now is, i feel like we should be having another chat today. haha...oh, as i am typing this, i just looked out the window, and the sky is beautiful. just thought you might like to know.


Sarah~Mechelle said...

Sounds like a perfect visit. Its always hard when it comes to the end of a stay and people have to go home again.

So glad you both had a wonderful time!


Natalie said...

Love love love love love love love.

Seriously, I cannot get over how amazing your adventures with Lina sound.

And yesterday was so fun! You are a major trooper for being up til like 4 AM or whatever insane hour that was. Stupid time zones.

So. Excited. <3

Maggie Shirley said...


Dillon said...

You guys looked like you had so much fun!
Can't wait for SEATTLE!!!

Cap'n NikNak said...

Awww! This is such a sweet post! It sounds like Lina had a wonderful time :) You have a very special friendship and that's really hard to find for some!

Hope you are having a fabulous 2012 so far! I bet you are looking forward to Seattle ;) lol x

┼×enay Selin said...

Oh wow! How much i envy you! They say adventure is out there, and they were right! This inspires me to go on my own one!

lina said...

this made me really happy : ) just reading it & also seeing little bits of our trip through your photos. i had an a m a z i n g two weeks. i am so happy everything worked out for me to stay with you! thank god for blogs : )

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