Sunday, 5 February 2012

is that ok?

So back to normal blogging....hopefully. I need to get back into blogging. One of my cute friends had just started up a blog, go check Charlotte's blog out.
Anyway, I am currently watching Made in Chelsea over and over and over, wishing I had money so I could go out and purchase Sherlock on DVD, drinking far to much hot chocolate, watching the snow fall, writing in my moleskin, planning trips/adventures with friends, watching movies, researching movies to go see, and drawing.
it snowed last night. crazy amount of snow. I had to get my wellies out this morning, to get through the snow to work. A few snowballs and snow angels at work, then time to work. crazy customers were banging on the doors asking to come in, half an hour before we insane. If it was me, and I didn't have to work, I would be at home, playing outside, taking photos, sitting indoors watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, not banging on the doors of a clothes shop...gah.
In other news I am planning my trip to America to visit Lina in July...and of course the amazing Seattle trip.


Charlotte Judge said...

That sounds like fun :( I wish I had work today, I can't be dealing with these days off! Tehehe You linked to me! :O <3

Maggie Shirley said...


Şenay Selin said...

I like the things you've been doing lately, it sounds a lot like what i do except the snow had melt here and i'm stuck with my cup of coffee which doesn't taste as delicious as it was before i read about hot chocolate (:

Natalie said...

Sherlock + hot chocolate = winning combination. And ah, there's no snow here! Lucky! Though I guess having massive amounts of it can go wrong... either way. NICOLA IN AMERICA. EEEE.

lina said...

you look so lovely in that photo!!!