Wednesday, 29 August 2012

In the woods

So, you know when you need to update your mobile phone, and it goes wrong, and you lose all your numbers, photos, videos, trip to America photos, everything...yeah, that happened.

So currently sitting in my cute little kitchen, in my cute like cottage in the woods. So happy to be away from work again, even if it is for a week. Starting to think life is pasting by too quickly, and I need to re-look at what I am doing with my life. It makes me upset sometimes. I love my life, my friends, how I's just...something is missing. And I can't work it out.
Anyway, woodland adventures have been cute. Going to cute little towns, going to tea rooms, walking in the woods, shopping, playing Harry potter board games, and watching movies.
I love being away from home. I feel more alive.
Other than that, totally looking forward to going home to watch Doctor Who on saturday. Pond life is getting me through this week. I had a dream I met Matt last night. That was funny...kinda screamed at him. Oh dear.


Anastasia said...

everything looks so lovely

Maggie Shirley said...


If being away from home makes you feel more alive, then you should just come live with me. Yes, I like this idea.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

pretty pretty photos <3 cute towns, cute woodland adventures, yes please! xx

Em [The Writer] said...

Your pictures are lovely as usual but I think you will definitely feel better if you move to the U.S. <3 You can still watch Doctor Who...but instead you can watch it with me, and get those vinylmations you've been wanting!

shelbyisms said...

Come live with me. Maggie is from Texas, and it's much too hot there.

I think you should just do you. If you're having fun with life, then keep going. If you feel like something is missing, find it!

You're the best. Your life is beautiful. I miss you. SO MUCH.