Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Oh Austin, you were wonderful.

So Austin. How can I even begin to sum up this trip...well, it was bloody good. Seriously though, I had the best time. It's crazy how you end up becoming friends with people. The Internet and blogging gave me some of the most brilliant and most wonderful people/friends I know. I will always be grateful for this.
Seeing everyone again was just a dream come true. We all couldn't believe that it had been a whole year. And also meeting new bloggers was great too!! This was another highlight.
As I arrived in Austin a bit before everyone else, Maggie was kind enough to take me on adventures. She took me to the biggest comic book store...WHICH WAS GREAT. The hulk was there too! Well, a giant sculpture. 
We also went to the beach. That was an adventure! Rain, 4 hour drive each way, KaCee and her bikini shirt, rock candy, listening to the girls rap, seeing a parrot nearly get run over, and a small child being thrown out of the way.
America, to me, is so beautiful. Austin was no different. Such an arty, free spirited place.

Uncommon objects was my favourite store in Austin. It was like heaven on earth. So many treasures waiting to be found. Drawers and cabinets filled with all different treasures and wonders. It kinda reminded of a giant cabinet of wonder.

One of my favourite parts of the whole trip was going all the way to the top of Mount Bonnell. The view was breathtaking, and the image of Shelby lying on the floor will always be in my memory. 

While in Austin we all eat so many meals together, laughed so much, shared stories and took millions of photographs.

Other wonderful moments of the trip included;
- seeing the ice man at the museum of the weird.
- all the cute waiters, including the one Shelby left my number for.
- eating fruity pebbles and Captain crunch.
- seeing the cereal aisle at Walmart.
- seeing Maggie catch her ice cream in Amy's.
- all of Miguel's jokes.
- the photo booth in urban outfitters.
- Maggie taking us to the capital, and seeing it in all it's beauty.
- all the waiting at the airport.
- eating such good food.
- everyone getting dressed up for the fancy dinner.
- listening to Die Antwoord, and getting addicted.
-seeing Maggie getting her ear pierced.
- seeing the city at night, and our late night chat on the hill.
- Natalie's crazy faces.
-seeing the bats.
Getting on that plane was so hard. I cried far too much. I did get some strange looks. Saying goodbye always is so hard. 
But there is always next year, and it's Shelby and Sam's wedding. The plan ride home wasn't too bad. Made a new friend. Meeting people on transport is always fun. Back to normal life at the moment. I am craving adventure like crazy, and missing everyone dearly.


Maggie Shirley said...

Love it, love you. Miss you.

Alice Cameron said...
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lina said...

sorry...haha my sister was signed into here account when i posted that previous comment. here it is again:

your photos are so artsy! love your list of moments : ) miss youuu.

Dillon said...

Aw Nicola. This was lovely.