Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Crafternoon

So it's December, and time for my wonderful friend Charis's Crafternoon. I was even more excited this time round because it was the Christmas themed one! And extra long too! I walked into a room full of smiling and happy faces. Everyone was super excited to get crafty. I was given a super hot cup of hot chocolate, and was told to visit the mini food bar with mini chocolate treats. And of course candy canes. I brought marshmallow snowmen biscuits with me.
After lots of treats we finally got started on the crafts. We created a lovely fabric bauble, tied up with sparkly ribbon. We also added glitter to a porcelain snowflake. Both of which will hang in pride of place on my tree.
Then after the decorations we got to decorate gingerbread houses. I have always wanted to do this, ever since I was a child. The day had finally come. Lots of yummy treats to be used to decorate the house. We got into teams to create our house. Using icing to stick the decorations on, we all were having so much fun. Plus getting high on all the sugar. The results were super.
We ended the afternoon with hot spiced fruit punch and swapping secret Santa gifts. The whole afternoon made me really excited for Christmas.

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