Saturday, 20 December 2014

Let's be golden

Christmas is coming! Oh gosh, it's so close. I have been working all week, and I finally have a weekend off. So I am excited to have a Christmassy weekend.
I have been getting so Christmassy. All my presents are wrapped. I purchased hot chocolate, marshmallows, and candy canes for Christmas Eve. Filled a giant stocking for David, as he's never had a stocking before...NEVER. Listening to Cameron Mitchell and April Meade's Christmas album on repeat, it's perfect. Watching Jingle All the Way and Elf, my favourite Christmas movies. Making paper chains and paper snowflakes. Wearing my Grinch t-shirt all day. Sending out blogger family packages. Finding all the old Christmas decorations from my childhood. Wrapping brown paper packages with string. Making Christmas coffees. And just feeling so happy. Full of Christmas spirit.
Lots of good things have been happening. I recently had a few pieces in an exhibition which was called gold. Going to the private view, and seeing people view your work is always a weird experience. I just got an email saying I sold some work from that show. It's a great confidence boast, and tells me that I need and should keep making work. I am an artist now. 

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