Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Let's be creative

I'm so happy to keep seeing this image pop up all over my Instagram and Twitter. The image is by Lhdesign_ 
I am proud to finally call myself an artist. I have been trying for quite a while to feel like one, and I now do. Making art makes me happy, and being able to share my artwork with others makes me happier. I have just started selling my own work, and it's so important to me. I think it's so wonderful to see artists, crafters and other people sharing this image over the Christmas period. 
I have been working hard on creating work. I create paper collage inspired pieces. I have always been influenced by the materials I find. I am consistently on the look out for the perfect pieces and items to join together. I am heavy inspired by the sky and clouds. I enjoy working with paper. After trying lots of different mediums, I now know that I am very good at putting items together, layouts and creating something new out of found materials/images.
am currently getting work ready for another exhibition, and that's getting me very excited.
You can purchase my prints and cards from my Etsy store, the link can be found on the right bar of this blog. Thank you for everyone who has supported me with my art. You are all wonderful.

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Maggie Shirley said...

So proud of you. ❤️