Friday, 14 October 2016

Pumpkin everything!

So I have a cold. UGH. It's just the worst thing ever, I really don't have the time to be ill right now. But of course when you have so much to do, you end up getting sick. I have been working so much, and never stopping and then it's just hit me. All I seem to be craving is hot drinks with marshmallows, netflix and ice cream, you know fancy ice cream. When I'm sick, I deserve fancy ice cream. 

Layers is a must at the moment. I'm loving the weather changing and the need to wrap up. Fashion is always the best in the Autumn/Winter. I purchased a new jumper which seems like such a normal activity but it makes me so happy and excited. Today I also purchased some Halloween sweets and of course a tiny pumpkin.

I have been getting super excited for Halloween. When I walk through town I always seem to pick up something Halloween inspired or some cute candy. Basically I am just obsessed. I am in need of some horror movie recommendations! So please let me know! I'm now off to make more tea, eat pizza and watch netflix. 

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