Friday, 5 September 2008

poor jim

this is my little mate. i got him today. he reminds me of one of my old friends, who i love very much. she had one just like this, hence he reminds me of her. normally with me, when it comes to movies, if i like the poster, or the trailer, or just hear a little bit about a movie, i know whether i will like it or not. for an example, when i saw the movie poster for eagle vs shark (the sleeping bag pic) i knew i would love this film. or when i heard Ellen page speak in the first few secs of Juno, i knew i would like it. today i went into town and went into my local music and DVD store and was looking through the DVDs. while walking up and down the aisles, i found two movies that just on the titles and image alone, i wanted to have a look. i know you should never judge a book by its cover, but for me, with movies, sometimes it works. these movies were; Lonesome Jim and the Puffy Chair. if any of you have every watched these movies, please let me know what they are like!! :) i read the backs of the DVDs, and they left me wanting more, however i did not buy these there and then as i wanted to do a little more research about these films. as i have seem to have any paper on me i ended up writing the titles on my hand, this really odd looking girl gave me a really weird look..i don't know what that was about.also today i purchased the she and him album, which i was very happy to find, as everywhere i have looked has been out of stock, also once soundtrack and hot chips new-ish album. very much happy with my new music, as i have not brought a cd in such a long time.


BHH said...

What a cute little yellow fellow!

The Clothes Horse said...

Loving the huge cocktail rings!

Vi said...

Aw, he's such a cutie.

jane said...

hey, if you want I can sell you my little bunny.
my email is:
that is if you want! :)

beverley said...

I adore She & Him! Zooey Deschanel has such an interesting voice, aaaah.

Anonymous said...