Tuesday, 17 March 2009

it's opener there, in the wide open air.

i was tagged by the beautiful The tea drinking english rose to do the 'show your heart tag'...with as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: 1 picture, 1 poem, 1 song or piece of music, 1 phrase or quote, 1 piece of clothing, 1 place and (just for fun) 1 Disney princess.
(my garden state drawings)
Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go.

You'll look up and down streets. Look 'em over with care.
About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there."

With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,
you're too smart to go down any not-so-good street.
And you may not find any your want to go down.
In that case, of course you'll head straight out of town.

It's opener there
in the wide open air.

(a small section from Oh, The Places You'll Go!- Dr Seuss.)
song or piece of music: Cathedrals- Jars of Clay, its the only song that has ever brought me to tears.
quote: "You got to hear this one song, it will change your life."- Sam, Garden State.
piece of clothing: my amazing Thompson t-shirt which i won on holiday.
place: my nan's beautiful house, which was giant. and full of wonderful things from all her travels with grandad.
hmmm Disney princess....i guess Ariel. :)
i decided to show my heart in a few photos. whether it be a wonderful birthday cake made for me by friends last April, or live music, or my book and magazines.I was then tagged by from lina. The rules are:
1. Respond and rework. Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question you dislike with a question of your own invention; add a question of your own.
2. Tag eight other un-tagged people.
What is your current obsession? Watchmen
What are you wearing right now? my Thompson t-shirt, pj bottoms.
Who was the last person you hugged? my friend
If you were a tree, what tree would you be? oak tree
What’s for dinner? i had yummy nachos
What was the last thing you bought? an amazing necklace i have been looking for everywhere, its an octopus.
What are you listening to right now? the tv..i am watching how i met your mother.
What is your favourite weather? rain
What’s on your beside table? clock, rubbish, ear-buds, lamp, and book.
Say something to the person/s who tagged you. hello lovely lina!! i hope you are having lots of fun fun fun!!
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be? new york..please!
where are you typing from right now? my kitchen in my flat at uni.
A book you're currently reading? i am still reading Yes Man by Danny Wallace..and reading the watchmen graphic novel too.
What would you like to have in your hands right now? 'Hello my name is...' stickers. i really really want them..but you can't get them in the UK...i really want them!! :(
What is your favourite tea flavour? just normal breakfast tea.
What film means so much to you? garden state...more than words can say.
If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? home.
What did you want to become as a child? a cartoonist.
i hope everyone is wonderful!! :)


Sophia said...

thanks so much, for the tags and for the compliment! i remember when i first started blogging last summer i said to myself "oh my goodness, where on earth do people find/take these beautiful pictures and how do they turn them into headers?!" i'm glad to see i figured it out, haha.

I like your poem. [and I love doublement gum. Your post made me crave some]

Raina* said...

hmmmm.... Dr. Suess is quite a good choice... and now I feel like I have a rhyme to voice...lol

visit me!

lina said...

oh i should totally send you hello my name is stickers! haha.

"you're, like, so freaked out right now" & "you got to hear this one song, it will change your life" !!! ha. i loved these in the movie:D

i know about jars of clay. i don't believe i've heard of cathedrals though...i'll have to find it.

& thanks for the tag:]

lina said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag!

Anonymous said...

wow so many tags. you've deserved them all. my favorite is the show your heart tag. gorgeous!

jess said...

Thanks for the tag. I have Oh! the places you'll go hanging on my wall.

PopCookie said...

I've been reading in this weeks and you inspired me so much that i decided to start a blog too.Your photos are always so cute.

Kinsey said...

Hey! I'm sorry I have been slow on the commenting...I am starting back up now! I really like the "Garden state" drawings...garden state the movie is one of my favorite films I love how its so awkwardly beautiful! But I really like the drawing!

oh the wonderful Dr. Suess...
that cake looks so yummyyyy!!!

Sophia said...

thanks! :)
i'm going to mail your letter probably this weekend. haha this is so much fun, i love it

lovebirds&seahorses said...

You saw the Warmsley! I saw him for the 3rd time this year in Norwich. He's so awesommmmme. :)


Mrs Shrigley said...

I love your set of drawings! I'm so not used to seeing drawings from you! they're ace!! They deffinatly have a Raymond Pettibon esq style to them :D