Tuesday, 29 September 2009

soda...soda...and even more soda

so the funniest thing has happened. while away on holiday, when i went to the tiny little supermarket, i came across the coolest soda drinks in the world! Jones Soda. i think its the funniest thing in the world because i have never heard of these drinks at all, and when i get back and start researching them i see that the lovely Let nature be has just done a post on them! well like i just said, i have never had Jones Soda before, and i think they are great! they flavours are amazing. however i could only get my hands on a few of the giant list of flavours. they are simply amazing. i fell in love with the photos on the bottles, and the soda is amazing. i have also entered some of my photos on their website.i am addicted, the only problem i have now is, i have a few bottles left, and that's that. i cannot find them anywhere over here in the UK, i will not give up hope. i will keep looking. update..i think i have found a website..however still looking into it. :)i am missing taking photos of the woods and the sky...i miss being outside.


lina said...

oh! it's it's...oh i forgot what you named him! haha. but he looks happy : )
jones soda! i actually have never tried them. but i love how they look. they sell them everywhere here in the u.s. ... but isn't it cool about the photos on them? too awesome.

p.s. i'm always so excited when i see that you have a new post on your blog!!! hehe.

p.p.s. i mailed your letter yesterday!

Anonymous said...

ooh sounds nice. i love weird flavoured drinks! like tonite i tried toffee apple cider - bizarre but strangely delicious! x

hayleeey said...

It makes me sad to think that the Polaroids are slowly dying out :(

Have you seen the 'Save Polaroid' site, hopefully something will be done!

I've never heard of 'Jones Soda' until your post so i'm going to keep an eye out for them next time I travel! The photos on the bottles are really cool too!

I'm ok, started 2nd year of uni! How about you? Now you've graduated :)

Lemon said...

jones soda! love the colours almost as much as the packaging almost as much as the flavours...(guess just the whole thing)! the last time i had one was in the thick of fall, so they remind me of this time of year. a nice combintion. hope you have luck finding them in the UK!

Jaky Astik said...

interesting enough.

little me. said...

it sounds wonderful! i really like odd flavoured drinks! :D

Sara said...

I love those little colourful stars! And the soda bottles, how cute!

Jackie said...

Jones soda are delicious! I tried my first only three years ago, i think. They're not exactly cheap, so I don't get to enjoy them very often. Fufuberry is my favorite flavor =D

erin meagan said...

A lot of my friends like Jones Soda. I like how they put photos on the bottles. It's so cool!

I like polaroids, once someone took a picture of me on Canada day, and I wish I could find it.

I love your blog.

Wonderlander said...

Strawberry Lime?! Sounds amaaaazing! And the pictures on the bottle are darling.


(oh and thank you for entering my competition!)

Maddy said...

Aahh I love Jones Soda! My first one I tried was Creamsickle, and it was amazing. If you still have an un-opened drink, look under the cap! They may have little fortune readings underneath. :)

Kait said...

Jone soda is SO good! I hope you are able to find somewhere that carries it. Your American friends (like me) can always help you out : )

I'm glad you had such a good time on your holiday. I want to spend some time outside with the trees now! At this trail I walk on there is a stone with a quote I fully believe: "I have grown taller today from walking with the trees." Lovely.

Your photographs are seriously boss Nicola. I love that your dad can spot a great photo moment! The smiley sink was pretty adorable.

Anonymous said...

Jones soda is AMAZING! I love the little fortunes underneath the cap :)They have reaally weird flavours like I once had a christmas package with cranberry and gravy and others, gross by the way!
Anyways i was just commenting to say I love your blog! And i was wondering if you're interested in penpaling with me.