Friday, 11 September 2009

your views on ringo starr?

so went out with my sister on her day off on Wednesday. which was really nice. she is always so busy..i never really get to send much time with her..which is rubbish. we had these cool milkshakes...however my sister decided it would be more fun to spill hers all over the floor...i couldn't stop laughing.
she brought an amazing skirt! its so beautiful, i wish i could show you. i got a few little bits and bobs.on Thursday i went out with my friend Sarah. it was really nice. we got to go to comic book shops, and other geeky stuff like that. :) i got myself a star wars comic, and a second hand book from oxfam. i got are you Dave gorman? which is about Dave gorman and Danny Wallace, who go on this crazy trip to see how many people they can find with the same name as Dave gorman..haha. i have only read a few pages, but i can't stop laughing already!this morning i got up and was very very excited! i was going to see (500) days of summer today!!! eek. while i waited to be picked up, i sat outside. it was quite windy..but also really warm. oh the film was simply beautiful. it made me feel happy, sad, angry, upset. and also alone. but it was wonderful. my favourite part of the movie was the 2 screen parts. for example at the beginning when she was blowing a dandelion and he was catching bubbles. but also the expectations and reality part. i left the cinema feeling happy but also a little sad.
ps, i love Ringo Starr.
i got given these BEAUTIFUL awards from the lovely lovely Tic-Tac-Tomato. thank you very much Sophia!!! :)
ok, so I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself...hmm i have done quite alot of these recently. erm...go here goes.
1. I collect magazines.
2. I hate strawberries.
3. I love headphones..they can keep your wonderful music, just for your ears only. and people can only here little bits, and they just have to wonder what goes on in your head, and never know.
4. When i walk into a comic book shop, i feel at home.
5. 5 is my lucky number...mainly because when i was little it was my dads..and i believed it was mine too.
6. Currently watching Ashes to Ashes because i am currently obsessed with Stephen Campbell Moore...again.
7. I love bread.
i would now like to pass both of these awards on to;
honey bees and cherry trees


Nic said...

thank you!


LookingGlassGirl said...

The BBC has gone Beatles mad at the moment and so I am rekindling my love for the fab four.

lina said...

ohhh! 500 days of summer : ) yes, i know what you mean about feeling those feelings. overall, though i fell in love with it.
you bought some really neat stuff! (if that stuff in the photo is what you bought :] ) hehe.
oh, & i love the ringo starr title (500 days of summer!).

Aimée, said...

Thankyou so much!!!!! your blog is wonderful :):) xxx

Allison said...

I hate strawverries too!
And I also saw 500 Days of Summer. It was pretty good; I liked the scene in the Ikea store, that was cute.

sara said...

ooh i want to see 500 days of summer so so much! unfortunately it never came to any theatres in my province ;(

suzannah said...

thankyou so much dear :) and lovely post as usual, i want to see 500 days of summer too ♥

hayleeey said...

I love your reason for your lucky number to be 5, that is sooo sweet!

And I love bread too, it's an amazing thing :)

Kait said...

I loved the split-screens in 500 Days! I didn't realize how much until you put it into words : )

I love spending time with my sister on her days off too. She is always doing something to make me laugh (this morning she tripped down the driveway.)

Can I just say your postcard was marvelous! I need you to emailme your address so I can return the awesome. I really love it and it brightened a rainy day-thanks you<3

The photos in your entries always take me through your day. I love that. I need to get better about taking my camera with me places.

Sara said...

I love bread, too!Haha!
I eat it fresh from the bakery..yumm

IMCurtain said...

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Jackie said...

I want to see (500) Days of Summer. It seems like such a sweet movie.

Ringo Starr is pretty rad. I had a Muppets tape when I was little, and they sang Octopus's Garden at the end of the tape. I loved that song, but it wasn't until several years later that I found out it was sung by Ringo.
Plus, the Beatles in general are pretty rad.

Anna said...

thank you so much :):) XX

ONiC said...

oh dear, cant wait to see the movieee