Sunday, 27 December 2009

...and all is well

Merry Christmas!! i hope you all had a lovely time. i got some beautiful camera's before Christmas, so lots of photos were taken, and i cannot wait to get them Christmas lunch, i rather liked being max from where the wild things are----well i felt like him with my crown. i am going to see it on Tuesday with J. it looks amazing, i have already seen a really cool puzzle book i want from the movie. i love Christmas because i always get to spend time with my sister, who always seems to be mega busy all the and laughs were had. PLUS-----its not Christmas without the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which was amazing...a little sad because you know the 10th doctor's time is drawing to a close, but exciting all the same.
i got some wonderful Christmas presents, i got a Polaroid printer from my sister---which i can't stop using at the moment!!!he he. i got a fab suitcase handbag and a 'Nicola' name necklace from my nan and gdad. and i got some amazing DVDs and books, and my office bobble heads from my parents.
the coolest presents i got this year, have to be from my bestest friends in the whole planet---Charlotte and Mandy. from Charlotte i got the coolest salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup--picnic set!----its supper duper cute! and a ultra cool popcorn cup and a cute headband--which i love, because of the bird-ness...if that's even a word.aha. Mandy got me two cute tatty devine bird rings, a rather odd bird decoration, a lovely photo frame--(which will be filled with an amazing photo from our latest adventure)-----AND, some rather twilight rice decorations for the tops of cup cakes!!!!!!!!!!-------i cannot wait to make cakes and put them on the top!


Sara said...

merry Christmas lovely!! Happy you got all those lovely gifts!

lina said...

fun times! oooo!! i got a lomography camera too!! & i think i'll be getting the holga too : ) you will love the fish eye. i have fun with mine! is the other camera like a diana?? it looks like it might be. so fun! your (late) christmas gift will be off to the mail tomorrow! & i'll be sending your letter too : )
i got star trek too!!! maaan this chrsitmas was awesome!
p.s. i like your max crown

•¦Amy¦• said...

Happy Christmas!
How awesome... I love the cameras! So cool!
You're Christmas card is sitting on my desk... it will be mailed soon! I promise!!!
Oh how I wish they aired the Doctor Who Christmas specials here in America. I have to wait until it goes to DVD. I bet it was amazing though. I'm going to miss David Tennant though...

erin meagan said...

you look adorable in your crown! those cameras are so pretty, i wish i could get a camera as a gift. that picnic set looks like so much fun! i haven't seen where the wild things are, and i really need to!