Thursday, 17 December 2009

...are no longer filled with good times

(my very messy room...which I really need to sort out)
Life feels a little fragmented at the moment, i seem to be running around in different places at the moment. nothing seems set. i got the most coolest package in the post, its from my lovely friend Kay. she has sent me my Xmas present, but i am waiting for Xmas before i open it. but she sent me the coolest card in the planet..hehe..she picked it just for me, an atc, Jon Burgerman stickers and a really old favorite part of the letter is the following words;
"I will miss living in the city, I always look up at the windows to your flat whenever I am in town, it fills me with sadness that the rooms inside are no longer filled with good times and laughter."i had the most fun day ever with one of my really good friends, we exchanged Xmas presents...i couldn't wait, and said that we should open them now. S got me a new moon mug, and a moleskine...i have always wanted one, i have always had cheaper versions of them, and now i have a proper one! i cannot wait to fill it up!


•¦Amy¦• said...

:)hooray for christmas preperations!

i want to send christmas letter to some of my blogging friends so if you'd like one drop me and e-mail with an address to send it to :)

lina said...

hurrah for moleskines!!
ohhh!! i am so behind! i haven't gotten a single gift for anyone yet! not even my family. eeek!! i just have to finish this final paper for school & then i can get into the holiday spirit & go shopping! i have gifts to send out & your letter too!! (it's not quite finished...) but it should be out soon (sorry!). your present probably won't be received for christmas either...:/ (i'm excited that you are sending me one!!!). i hope all is well with you & you can understand all of this scribble!
: )

Kinsey said...

Its been a while since i have commented. I kind of let things go with commenting and I am dearly sorry! I hope all is well!
I hope you have a lovely, merry Christmas.
The cup cake looks delicious and the card is very cool!
<3 Kinsey

Miss Mariposa said...


Ruta said...

What an adorable cupcake, sooooooo cute. :)

I spot Vanity Fair :)

And yes, I do love your hair, the colour and especially your bangs. I cannot pull off bangs like that.

Kait said...

I love the title of your last post : )that cupcake is the cutest! I just spent the night baking away with one my dearest friends. I still feel sick from all the cookie dough! For some reason I eat more of that then the actual baked cookies.

Moleskins are fabulous, although pricey. What a great friend!

I am in love with that quote Kay sent you.


Anonymous said...

I'm still not well sorted with my Christmas presents yet, I still have four more people to find gifts for, but I've been scouring the local thift store, I haven't come acrossed anything. Maybe I should settle for giving baked goods this year, that's always a win, right? I cannot wait to do gift exchanges with my friends this year! I'm so excited.

But anyway, I'm down right envious, I wish I could have received a Christmas present like that!

Moleskines are beautiful. I've had mine for about two years, and I use it religiously along with my package of Staedtlers pens.

Cupcakes! I always love finding pictures of them on Flickr.

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

thanks for the comment :)
and you're welcome hun! was lovely to meet you all! I'm glad you had a good time x

gorgeous blog! filled with so many beautiful pictures :)

♥ Hannah



Evie said...
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Jacque said...

OO I love christmas presents in the post!! Such a wonderful surprise!! I love the santa cupcake too! Looks really yummy!! I just discovered your blog and love it! It's very cute!

Cuppykirsten said...

Oh, I love that Santa-cupcake! It's so sweet!
Christmas Christmas Christmas...

And that Vanity Fair, Robert Pattinson-Alert! <3

Lovely blog!