Wednesday, 3 March 2010

jump up and down...

i enjoyed my fun filled couple of days with my old friends and my city. it was so weird being back in the place where i had lived for 3 years, it felt odd. i had a weird feeling that i didn't like it, and that i didn't belong there anymore. it was wonderful to catch up. i loved it.
back home, back to work. then find out that i need to take a few days as holiday, so yay, i am on holiday!!!

i am currently: enjoying filling in my 'wreck this journal' book that was recommended by my pen pal Jane. its fab, and you have to basically do what the title says.

ps, i just started up twitter, i have no idea what i am doing, but here goes!!---hehe


lina said...

eeee! fun times for you :D
i like the sunset photo mucho.
ooo wreck this journal?! that book is so fun! i bought it for one of my friends for christmas one year. i love keri smith's books. i have how to be an explorer of the world. it's really amazing : )

erin meagan said...

i love catching up. it's a good feeling. YOU HAVE A KERI SMITH BOOK?! AHH love.

▲my• said...

i'm following your twitter :)
seeing as i'm never on twitter i don't know what good it'll do either of us, but it was fun hitting the "follow" button :D

「 Thy Lady 」 said...

What a pretty sunset! I love wreck this journal haa, when I got mine a few years ago I always use to do all the things on there but now it's in my draws somewhere, I should look at it again :)

I love your blog ! x

Ruta said...

ooo Wreck This Journal. I really want one myself.

Ahhh I completely forgot about the pay it forward thing. School started and I got completely side swept. I promise I'll send it out as soon as school lets out which is really soon. About a month and a half. Ahh I feel terrible.

Jane said...

yay! I'm so glad you bought it :) do you like it?