Tuesday, 16 March 2010

mr blue sky

today seems like a funny day. woke up this morning, and i had such a pain in my eye and head...man it hurt so much. went back to sleep to make myself feel better, and it did actually work. have not really done much today other than take my fish eye and Diana camera out in the sunshine to take some photos. oh i also did a little bit of drawing, i wanna start a drawing project..but i am a little short on ideas. if anyone has an idea or theme they have done before let me know. i am enjoying looking out of the window, while i type this, seeing such a beautiful blue sky and the sun shinning.


The Curious Cat said...

Blue skies and sunshine make all the difference - spring is on its way!!! xxx

Mandy said...

such a lovely day today steve and
barney enjoyed there day in the sun. cutting the glass for me. xx

madeleine said...

Cheers for sunshine! Fabulous pictures Miss!

stay classy!

Jane said...

you should make some comic books :O that would be the raddest!