Sunday, 7 March 2010

paint paint, chat chat

hmmm, random night last night. i am not sure how i can begin to explain. well maybe i can break it down into a few random words... get-together, doctor who, random people, guitar hero, cider..yeah i think that might sum it up. having random chats about doctor who is a great way to spend an evening.
i am trying to get back into drawing, and i have started creating some more artist trading cards, if anyone wants to trade, or knows any good ideas to help me trade with people, please please let me know.a great sadness happened still makes me want to cry when i look at it....hopefully it can be fixed. i hope.


lina said...

i had a random night last night too. i know that on facebook, there are always atc swaps going on...i'll send you the link : )
& that is so very sad about your nicola necklace!! : ( i hope it gets fixed!

erin meagan said...

i hate when sad things happen!

Anonymous said...

Oh noes!

Diya said...

awww sorry your necklace broke!! I keep breaking my favorite jewelry too :(

ps. if you have a minute please check out my blog:

JordanWilliams said...

Hello Nicola

My name is Jordan M. Williams. I have read your blog for a while and have been enjoying it too. I am a friends of Lina, and recently I have been putting together a blog that showcase bloggers from all walks of life sharing there story of what motivates them to blog.

My question for you today was that I was wondering if your would like to guest post and take part in Blogivation.
Thanks for your time
-Jordan M. Williams

Kait said...

Nicola thanks for your kind words! I just caught up on all your fabulous creativity and lovely words. I'm glad to be back into my blogging groove.

Maybe there is a jewelry shop that could fix your fab necklace? I'm sorry : (

Lemon said...

love that you described your random night with just a collection of words! poor nicola necklace! here's to more random nights and necklace repairs!

Jess. said...

Oh you have such amazing jewelry! And I hope your necklace can be fixed!