Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sleep please

Me, last night----reading instead of sleeping.
So I seem to like being awake instead of sleeping. Something in my mind is making me need to stay awake, keep busy, do bits an pieces and not sleep. Twitter stops me from sleeping as well.
Currently I am eating cereal, while watching tv, in the dark. And it's 1.55. Got in from work, and can't sleep...again. So watching crappy tv is what I am currently doing.
I am tomorrow off, which is just as well, as my brain will not be in a good functioning mood. This whole post just seems like silly ramblings of someone sitting in the dark with only the tv to light up the room.
*Also, I have starkid songs in my head....they just won't go away. Its a good thing. I end up laughing to myself and out loud.


Ada Beth Croft said...

Twitter. It is a procrastinators dreeeeam. I stay awake on that all the time!

I hope you get sleep soon!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Scott Pillgrim -I really must watch it again. Are the comics any good ? Sleep well.

Kayleigh said...

I need to read the comics. The movie was just so good! Hopefully you get some sleep! (I actually deleted my Twitter to help me with that aspect of my life!)

Natalie said...

Reading > sleeping. Except I always end up falling asleep while reading late at night, which is kind of frustrating. And yes, one should always have Starkid songs stuck in their head.

Bookish.Spazz said...

:) Sleep is good. I hope you're able to sleep well soon!

shelbyisms said...

i have never seriously considered having a twitter, but lately i've been thinking about getting one. i've never had a smartphone but am getting an iphone in may, and it would be super nice to keep track of the blogging family from my phone :)

scott pilgrim <3