Monday, 27 February 2012


ITS NEARLY MARCH THE 1ST. GAH. so excited. i was googling flights early, and thinking, i will be buying them very soon.
anyway, things have been average recently. interesting things have happen, and not so interesting things. i have been walking alot, and its been really good for me. its the time where i have been claering my head. going for a walk with your earphones in and blasting a super awesome powerful song in your ears (not too loud though) just makes everything feel so much better.

i finished the family tree for work. everyone really liked it, which was really nice. i wasnt sure it was that great, but people loved it.
hanging out with friends has been nice, various nights out---which include having my photo taken for a close friends project and answering life questions, which made me worry about the future...and what the hell i am doing with my life.

i invted other friends round for dinner, and i made dinner. we eat so much food, took polaoirds, watched harry potter, laughed, spoke about old times, moving out, spoke about up-coming advenures, and just life.
work has been hard work recently. working until crazy times in the morning, really isnt helping me sleep.
other news, i got tickets for me and my friend ella to see keane in june, which i am really looking forward. the gig is now sold out, so i think we were very lucky. keane are beautiful, and i have always loved them, and seeing them live again will be perfect. so as you can guess, i am re-listening to their albums over and over, aswell as the shins new single.
a gift. i need to fill it. which things that show who i am. i think this is gonna be a mini mission.


Bookish.Spazz said...

Again, I'm uber jealous that you get to see Keane!!

I love walking around, the fresh air does wonders for everyone.

Simple song :)

Kayleigh said...

Love all the pictures!

Natalie said...


Yes, just getting out and being in the fresh air jamming out to your music is always such a great feeling. That's one of the reasons why I love running so much. :)

Ada Beth Croft said...

I love those glasses!

Charlotte Judge said...

'Jamming' and Jar. Lol.

lina said...

hello kitty plate!! :D
MAYbe buying some tickets today...we shall see! you look sooo pretty in those photos, nicola! the family tree looks nice!! what powerful songs were you listening to?

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Beautiful necklace! x hivenn