Saturday, 18 February 2012


life had been rather interesting at late. i took on the challenge of making the work family tree for a competition...i am starting to feel the pressure now, as everyone is like, 'well, Nicola is the artist." cos that makes me feel no pressure at all. enjoying the task though. work has been getting better, i am just getting fed up with having so much work to do, and others not doing anything. bah.
my friend Charlotte made me Valentine's day cookies, which mega made me super lots. how cute are they, right?? love them.
other news, enjoyed nights and days out with best friends, planned LFCC and Hallowhedon. i am getting rather excited for those, even though they are months my trip to America. feels such a long way away.
my awesome friend Mandy came home for a couple of days and hung out with me and Charlotte. catch ups, lunch at wagamama, presents, shopping, and laughs were had. i should really go and finish this family tree thingy. just need to find my paints.


lina said...

awww i know those ladies!! hehe. so fun around town :) you look lovely nicola!! so pretty. & i love charlotte's sweatshirt!

the tea drinking english rose said...

aw i love.
i have just done a similar post--- but i didn't have any pictures of mandy--- they are all on her camera!
i feel bad. oops.

you aren't allowed two friend's called charlotte! you will have to call me lottie or something instead!! :)!

Bookish.Spazz said...

:) Yay! That family tree thing sounds awesome!