Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blogger family questions

Ok, these are the questions my lovely blogger family members asked me.
Tell me of a time you felt you were exactly where you were supposed to be?
When I was at Glastonbury 2010. I was on the hill with my friends listening to Muse play on the pyramid stage. Dancing in candle light, and the light from the stage. Singing and dancing, and I knew that's exactly where I was supposed to be.
If you could only recommend one book to the world, what would it be and why?
um, I think it would be Yes Man by Danny Wallace. Its the kinda book that makes you think to yourself, what am I doing with my life? I am I just sailing through, and not really doing anything interesting? The book is not anything really like the movie, apart from the action of saying yes to things, plus its set in England. Danny is just a wonderful person, and to read his antics is such a joy. It just makes you think about life alot, and what you are doing.
What movie always makes you cry?
I think that would be Milk. Its the scene where Harvey gets shot. I remember watching that movie in the cinema, I think I was in there by myself, it was an early showing, and I just remember crying out loud. Looking back, I am glad no one was around to see me cry. Other than that, every time I am watching any Harry Potter movie I seem to cry.
What is your ideal career?
Well, anything arty would be a start. Life just seems to be stuck at the moment on the job front. To be perfectly honest I have never really known what I wanted to do for a career. I always loved art, and that was that. Although, working with celebrates would be rather interesting...or working in a comic book shop.
What do you think of when you hear 'America'?
What is your favourite stereotypical British phase or saying?
I like the word 'bloody'. But other than that I love saying 'bitter', as in 'oh, its bitter outside today'.
Why do guys that play stringed instruments have nice hands?
Well, its because they need to take care of their hands. Plus they need to make sure they have nails. Seth Green has perfect hands.
What would you do if a duck clucked?
I would probably laugh and then run away. As birds creep me out, and I mean if this duck can cluck, whats it gonna do next!??
Boxers or briefs?
How does one make curly fries?
I have no idea. EDIT* I googled, you use an apple peeler to make the fries, and then fry them.
What does 'tea time' mean?
Well, some times for me it means dinner is ready. Like we would say 'tea is ready'--when we mean dinner.
Do you like Nutella?
Yes, I think I do. I used to like it as a kid, but wasn't allowed too much of it. My friend CJ randomly gave me some little packets of it the other day.
What was the funniest thing that happened while I (Lina) was visiting you in England?
I think the funniest thing was when Lina was unpacking, and she was showing/telling me what she had brought with her. She said I only brought 2 pairs of pants. I stopped and looked at her, then remembered she called trousers pants. Whereas we call underwear pants. We both laughed, a lot.


shelbyisms said...

omg. your description of america. i love you.

Nicole Linette said...

Hi Nicola! Happy belated birthday, it looked lovely. I wish my friends were more art-centric. Do you go to Glastonbury ever year? That's definitely on my list of things to do before I'm locked in a dead-end job and drowning in debt ;) Oh, and come to England in general!!


Natalie said...

America is not that beautiful in reality, haha! At least not all of America...

I just sat here saying "bitter" and "bloody" in a British accent for the past two minutes and it was quite entertaining.

Hahaha, "if this duck can cluck what's it gonna do next?!" LOVE.

Puti Adrian said...

oh how i'd love to be at glastonbury watchin coldplay x(