Friday, 4 May 2012

It's been a while

So a lot has happened recently...and I have been a really bad blogger. I got told off by my friend, so this is the reason I am blogging...and of course its because I want to. I miss it. I have not even been reading other blogs..gah..bad blogger. Anyway. I had a week off for my birthday, and I did so much. at the start of the week I went to London to see Damien Hirst's show at the Tate Modern with my friends Charlotte and Mandy. It was brilliant. I wish I could post photos, but no camera's were allowed. I remember seeing alot of his work when I was younger, and thinking it was so out there, and loving it. now looking at it again, many years later I am not so sure. i understand how amazing it was for the art world when it first came about...but now I am really not that sure. my favourite part of the show was walking through live butterflies. that was a pretty interesting experience indeed.
On the Tuesday I went to Brighton for the day with my friend Sarah. We did lots of shopping, including spending so much time in the comic book shop, and coming out with a giant pile each. totally into the new DC 52 comics, and I am totally addicted to Batwoman. we also found this amazing American diner, and had pancakes and milkshakes by the sea. it was perfect.

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Bookish.Spazz said...

Those pictures <3

Eventually I need to see a Damien Hirst show!