Monday, 24 September 2012

RCF London

So I went to London to the Renegade Craft Fair the other week with my wonderful friend Charlotte. It was just what we both needed. A little trip to London, to bring out our creative sides again. It was all so pretty.
I wanted so many bits and pieces. The one thing I loved was that everyone was in a wonderful mood, and really wanted to chat with you. Ended up talking with 2 lovely ladies about Harry Potter for a while, and the giant surprise at the end of the tour. Brilliant stuff.
It was just nice being in London. I miss it alot. I love my little home town, but a city is where I belong. I can feel it. I think I am just missing Uni life, and the freedom that comes with living in a big city, where there is so much to do. My town is far too small. Blah. Adventure is what I need.


Maggie Shirley said...

Austin is a city. What if when you come to Austin next July I just don't let you go back? WHAT THEN, NICOLA?

▲my• said...

The RCF looks like SO MUCH FUN. I wish we had something like that here...

the tea drinking english rose said...

Such a lovely creative day!
Thank you lots! So much fun and motivation.

You DO belong in a city!! You really do!