Sunday, 16 September 2012

Yup, start singing

Last weekend I went to my aunties house for my cousin's birthday. It was lovely to see everyone, and catch up. Lots of cute little cakes, glasses of pimms, old school sweets, and sunshine was had. Hearing stories about my uncle, looking at photos when I was a kid and a bridesmaid, and other stories were shared.

Plus, trying to watch Doctor Who. That didn't really go very well, as there were so many children...and they wouldn't be quiet. So gave up in the end. Ended up watching it later in the evening with my cousins when everyone had gone home. Perfect end to a lovely afternoon/evening.


▲my• said...

So many neat things! That cake looks AMAZING

Melissa said...

the sweets look REALLY delicious ESPECIALLY THE LAST PHOTO ahhhh the strawberries on top of the cake! i wish i got the chance to meet you when you were visiting lina!

- Melissa

Debbie said...

oh they were amazing I can tell you the little cakes were made my mum's work friends and the strawberry's cakes from another friend, no wonder the children were running round they were high on

Deb (Nic's cousins)