Thursday, 11 July 2013

Glastonbury 2013

So it was that time again. All that waiting back in October to see if we could get tickets...and now it was time to go. I crossed my fingers and toes for glorious sunshine like my first Glastonbury. Last time was horrible. All the rain and mud: I know that's what makes a festival, but when you get wet, and can't get dry, after a while it kinda gets annoying. Anyway, the sun was shining on the Wednesday morning. Loaded up with giant rucksacks, we trekked across the fields to get a camping space. Got the tent up, then went for a wander. 

I love this festival so much. It's such a friendly and happy festival. We ran into a lovely lady playing the piano and a giant crowd of people singing along. That made me smile so much. Posted postcards to friends while I was there too. Went to the silent disco and made lots of new friends. I lived in the Acoustic tent again this year. It's my favourite. Rainy Boy Sleep was wonderful, and even got to chat to him after his set which was lovely. 
Queued and waited 3hrs to be at the front of the Other stage to see Two Door Cinema Club. And it was worth it. I love this band so much, since I saw them at my first Glastonbury. I listen to them everyday. Dancer and cried a little. And also saw myself on tv when I got home...that was weird. Noah and the Whale were perfect, as where Mumford and Sons. I just had a brilliant time.
Also, managed to get into heaven one night. Queued for ages, then got to a booth, in which you were asked if you had a tattoo. If not you were given a temporary one. Then you go to another booth, 'the desk of judgment' at the desk you are then asked my you should be allowed on heaven. I can't even remember what myself and Laura rambled on about. We had to tell secrets and other odd stories. And then we were let in. You get given a bag, and you can take your shoes off. And inside heaven is all carpeted. So you can party in all these little clubs on carpet. And they are prover flushing toilets, with mirrors, hand soap, and they are cleaned after each person has used them. Pure joy. Oh and apparently Prince Harry was dancing around in heaven. Looking in a proper mirror was horrible because its then you find out how bad you actually look, plus I was sunburnt too. Double ugh. 
But I had a super time, and was very sad to leave the farm, but very happy at the idea of a warm shower. 


Natalie said...

I feel like I say this a lot, but seriously, you are so cool and you do so many cool things. I love that neat looking lighthouse type thing. And seeing Two Door Cinema Club, Noah and the Whale, and Mumford and Sons all in one go sounds amazing.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

aww wish I'd got to the Heaven bit.. I had such a good time too, such a lovely place to be <3 :) xx